Another day on the river and another trip to the floating markets but this time quite a journey up the Mekong and then through the canals on a very small boat.  We bought drinks and fruit at the markets then the boys took turns manning the boat through the canals.  We stopped to check out […]

Great night last night – watched a children’s karate class on the riverside last night – children of all ages dressed in blue, practising their moves!  This morning we took a private boat tour to the local floating markets, each boat hoisting a sample of what they sell up on a pole such as watermelon, […]

A relaxing morning by the pool and out for lunch followed by a fast boat from Phnom Penh down to Chau Doc just across the border into Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.  We might be off radar again from today as we don’t know if we’ll have access to wordpress when back in Vietnam – fingers crossed […]

We travelled by private car from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh today, a luxury in order to avoid an exhausting 8 ½ hour bus ride.  The driver was a maniac, spending more time and effort avoiding the numerous potholes than the oncoming traffic!  A five hour trip took 6 ½ hours and while the boys […]

There are days when you just have to be a tourist like everyone else and see the sights despite all the damn tourists ha ha! The temples of Siem Reap were worth it – we navigated around all the tourist coaches, thanks to our very helpful tuk tuk driver, and managed to see Angkor Wat, […]

Today was a lazy day in Siem Reap, swimming in our pool at the Golden Banana and shopping in the Old Market in town. We were blown away with the extent of tourism and the influence of money and western culture here.  You could be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere in Australia.  But it […]

A crazy and exhausting day.  What was meant to be a 6 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap turned into 8 ½ hours of craziness.  Parts of the road were dirt, with the bus swaying from side to side and the dust so thick the driver couldn’t see in front of him.  […]


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